R.I.S.E - Karmic Release Letter Ritual

R.I.S.E - Karmic Release Letter Ritual

R.I.S.E - Karmic Release Letter Ritual

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R.I.S.E. is a beautiful hand-poured unscented candle made from our Eco-friendly, 100% natural, renewable, non-toxic, biodegradable and non-genetically modified palm wax.

R.I.S.E. Spell Candles promotes: Oneness, Wholeness, Sacred Union, and assists with releasing all contracts, vows, pacts, promises that are no longer in alignment with divine truth. When we do the inner shadow work though the chambers of the heart, it's vital that we return to our luminous light as we R.I.S.E. to become MORE.


Also Included: 1 Karmic Release Letter to sign and burn in ritual. Created and written by the powerful High Priestess, Past Life Therapist, Soul Healer, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator and Founder of The Healing with the Goddess Diploma, Yvette Doudle.

Anyone who has previously worked with Yvette and her energy, will understand how high frequency and life changing her work is, In my own words, Yvette is a healer of healers! I am so blessed to have been given permission to use her work. Not only will this enhance the experience as you journey between the veils, but release all that no longer serves you to clear the pathways to allow more love into your life. In honor of the gift Yvette has given us and to anchor the healing energy into Mother Earth
- $3 from every sale will be donated to UNHCR - Australians empowering refugees to build a better future. 

After setting up your Altar, it’s important to sit and be present. Allow yourself time to connect and meditate, while holding the intention candle close to your heart. Feel yourself going deeply within and entering your inner wisdom. Feeling into your intention and breathing this into your candle is an important step, as this is a vital part of the ritual and the healing outcome. Once you have infused your intention, call in your guides, angels, ancestors and anyone else that you feel resonates with your heart. 

Begin the Sacred ritual by lighting the R.I.S.E.  candle and dimming the lights to connect to the Divine Universal energy. You may like to use a prayer to begin the ceremony, see below:

Prayer - As you light the candle repeat the following three times. allow the candle to burn out completely.
"In the name of the light, who is the lord of the universe. May the light and energy of this candle remove all fear, negativity and doubt and transmute to a powerful healing force. May this candle attract healing, positive energy and blessings. For the highest good of all and for the good of the universe, so be it, so be it, so be it."

The next step is to fill out the date and your name using the Karmic Release Letter provided.

Now read the letter out loud and with full commitment.

Repeat as many times as you feel guided, use your own intuition always.

When you are ready sign the letter to seal the deal, and now it is ready for the burning ritual to begin.

Light the letter with the R.I.S.E. candle flame and place into a heat proof bowl or cauldron and watch it burn and dissolve.

This is a very powerful part of the letting go and releasing  process, to make room for what will be entering into the new version of you, so be open to receive..

It's important to be mindful that every part of the letter burns completely. You may find some parts of the letter are stubborn and may need relighting. This is because some of our beliefs and vows  can be stuck and just need extra energy to let go.

Ritual is completed once candle has burnt down.

Our candles are created using 100% natural, renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable candle wax. Making it perfect for ritual use — allowing you to bury your wax remnants into the earth to anchor your spellwork in a earth-friendly way!

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