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From time to time we host events such as New Moon and Cacao Ceremonies at varying locations around Adelaide.

Our next event is our Cacao & Canvas Creative Retreat, please scroll for full details.

$199.00 per guest

Cacao & Canvas Creative Retreat


Cacao & Canvas Creative Retreat

Upon arrival you will experience an ancient ritual smudging before entering the safe sacred space. You will then receive a warm cup of herbal tea before being seated within the ceremonial circle. We will then serve you your own cup of uniquely blended magical brew of Ceremonial Cacao. The Cacao will facilitate opening your heart, mind, body and soul to support the creative journey ahead. We will connect with this beautiful plant medicine and take you on a short, guided meditation including sound healing.

From there, artist Elspeth Domin guides you in painting an abstract canvas, breaking down barriers which may present themselves as we partake in any creative activity. Tap into your inner artist and reconnect creativity with JOY!

While we paint, Naomie will sit with each guest for a mini reading. Enjoy the opportunity to speak privately one-on-one, tapping into matters of the heart together. At the end of the day, you will receive a Flower Essence and crystal for you to take home to support you in days following the retreat. We will have space to share our experiences, insights, and emotions. This process integrates the days healing journey as we listen and share in sacred space.

Too often we are caught up in the daily grind and end up starving our creative and spiritual sides. Our Cacao & Canvas Creative Retreat aims to reconnect, add vibrance and nourish your soul. Finding that inner calm!

We look forward to facilitating your journey. We encourage you to book quickly as places are limited. This retreat runs for approximately 4 hours.

Bookings are essential to secure your place. Please book online at The Makery Co...

The Cacao & Canvas Creative Retreat will be held on:

Saturday 15th June 2024: 1pm - 5pm
Bookings essential

The Retreat will be hosted at:

The Makery Co
Shop 1, 37A Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf
(next to The Hahndorf Inn)

Directions can be found here.

Tickets are $199.00 per guest and must be booked in advance online at The Makery Co website

Hi! My name is Elspeth Domin and I am an artist based in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills.

As my artistic career began to grow and I met people through the wonderful world of art, I often encountered the phrase “I wish I was creative like you”. It dumbfounded me how many people were afraid to try their hand at creative expression, or simply felt it was something they lacked entirely. 

I encourage you to entertain the idea that the only thing that defines an artist, is the desire to create. Everything else can be learned through knowledge and experience. We are all artists!

My dream of The Makery Co was to create a warm, joyful and safe space for all to explore and nurture their inner artist. I wanted everyone to feel excited about having the opportunity to be creative instead of feeling overwhelmed or completely daunted by the experience.

From humble beginnings, I initially ran private workshops from my home studio. However these grew in popularity so quickly that I needed to expand and grow this wonderful creative business. I am so pleased to now have a permanent space in the beautiful Adelaide Hills town of Hahndorf, where my growing team of creatives help bring my workshops to life.

So come be inspired, bring your friends and family, let us guide you and help you through your doubts and let’s create wonderful things together!

We are a BYO venue, so please feel free to bring any nibbles or a favourite drink to enjoy throughout the workshop. In other occasions we encourage bringing along your favourite alcoholic bevvy, but in this particular workshop we suggest leaving the bubbles at home. Alcohol can inhibit the effect of cacao, so it is best served on it's own.

Glassware, paper plates and napkins are provided. High grade organic and sustainable ingredients, dairy free, refined sugar free, can be vegan if requested (please contact us with any dietary restrictions).

Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear that can get a little dirty.

Please read The Makery Co's booking Terms & Conditions in full prior to purchase. By purchasing workshop tickets, you are agreeing to honour our Terms & Conditions.

Cacao & Canvas Creative Retreat

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The Cacao & Canvas Creative Retreat has past, stay tuned for our next event.

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