Flower Essence Reading

$90 for 30 minutes

Flower Essence reading


Indulge in a 30 minute session with our Flower Essence Readings, designed to meticulously choose the perfect remedy tailored to your unique needs!

Our experienced practitioner is consistently amazed by the remarkable potency of these essences, skillfully unraveling layers of trauma to foster healing on emotional, mental, and spiritual fronts; and ultimately guiding you towards genuine balance.

Not only are our Flower Essences potent for personal use, but they are also safe for the entire family, extending their therapeutic benefits to include your beloved pets.

Experience the transformative power of nature's remedies with our specialised Flower Essence Reading, promoting holistic well-being for you and your loved ones.

After each reading you will be given your own unique Flower Essence, tailored to you from the session, to take home for your specific needs at this time in your life.

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